Company Profile

Macquarie is a well established agent in the local area . We have been in Casula for more than 17 years with a proven track record. We have sold over 2500 properties in that time.

Macquarie Real Estate is open til 7pm 7 days a week. We are available all the time to work on your behalf. Many agents work 9 to 5pm and are closed on Sundays. We attract more customers because people want to deal with agents who are open. Our phones are also on 24hrs a day we make it EASY for people to deal with us.

All our sales people do continual training in marketing and negotiation. Most agents have never studied negotiation or marketing. A poor negotiator can cost you thousands. A good negotiator can achieve up to an extra 10% on your selling price.

Every buyer that calls our office comes through one central contact point. The buyers details are placed into a enquiry log. By keeping these records we have buyers waiting to purchase. There is less need for advertising, to usually the same people. This saves time and money.