Company Profile

Macquarie is a well established agent in the local area . We have been in Casula for over 20 years with a proven track record. We have sold over 2500 properties in that time.

Macquarie Real Estate is open til 7pm Monday-Friday, Saturday til 5pm and our sales team are available on Sundays by appointment. We are always available to work on your behalf. Most real estate offices are only open until 5pm and are closed on Sundays. We attract more customers because people want to deal with agents who are readily available. Our phones are also on 24hrs a day, making it EASY for people to deal with us at any time of the day.

All our sales team are continuously trained in marketing and negotiation. This is something that most other agents lack. Many agents will not have any training beyong obtaining their licence. Continued training is mandatory for all sales people employed by our office. A poor negotiator can cost you thousands. A good negotiator can achieve up to an extra 10% on your selling price.

Every buyer that calls our office comes through one central contact point. The buyers details are placed into an enquiry register and kept on file. By keeping these records, we have built a substantial database over the years. With a list of buyers ready to purchase, we can help you sell your home faster. There is also less need for advertising this way. So overall we can save you time and money!