Presenting your home in the best possible light will give you the best chance to achieve the highest price!

Outside appearance:
Kerb appeal is vital as that is ultimately what will
attract a buyer first. A good first impression will encourage buyers to take a further look inside.

Ensure lawns are mowed and plants are well maintained. Trim any overgrown plants or trees. Remove weeds and clear away any cobwebs from windows or around the home.

Pressure wash driveways, pathways and patios to remove all dirt and keep the front yard clean and clear of any clutter, toys or equipment when not being used.

Adding some colour with plants and flowers can give the outside appearance a nice boost as well as giving your property a more homely feel for buyers.

Inside appearance:
Give your home a good clean from top to bottom before any potential buyers come through. Don’t forget to clean your windows too as dirty windows can look very unsightly.

Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms as this is what many buyers will be looking at most closely.

Go through each room and remove any clutter, which can often make your property look smaller.

Ensure the house smells fresh. While opening windows to allow in the fresh air is great, candles and air fresheners are also a great way of adding a lovely aroma while eliminating bad odours.

Creating a nice inside atmosphere:
It is important to create a warm, welcoming appeal that will make buyers feel right at home when inspecting your property. Here are a few tips on how you can create a nice atmosphere in your home so it appeals to buyers during an inspection:
* Make sure your home feels warm in winter and cool in summer
* Open curtains, windows and doors to make it look bright and airy
* Putting out some fresh flowers or fresh fruit will add a nice touch
* Create an inviting scent inside your home using either candles, air freshener, or freshly baked goods
* Have fresh towels on display in the bathroom and fresh tea towels in the kitchen
* Having some music playing softly in the background can add to the inviting atmosphere
* Emphasize the comfort of your home with nice cushions and stylish throws or blankets
* Add a little bit of nature to your home with some plants
* Ensure the beds are well made. Dress up the beds with a nice quilt and pillows for a cosy feel
* Freshen up carpets, rugs and couches with a steam clean
* Move furniture around if necessary to make rooms look more spacious.
The aim is to present your home in a way that makes the buyer imagine themselves living thereand be eager to buy. Making your home appealing to the senses
(ie visually appealing, smellinglovely and fresh, a nice soundscape to give it a homely feel) will improve your chances of sellingyour home faster and for the highest possible price.

Carrying out minor repairs:
It is important to weigh up the cost of any proposed improvements against the current market value of your home. Making some minor improvements may be all that’s needed to give you a good return when selling.

A fresh coat of paint can be a great way of sprucing up your home but it is best to stick with neutral colours if doing so. If painting is not in your budget then freshen up dirty walls with a good clean. Any damaged walls should be patched and painted.

Fix any fixtures and fittings that are broken and are likely to be noticed by prospective buyers. Replace any missing door handles, fix leaking taps, replace any broken light fittings and spruce up worn or dirty carpets with a steam clean.

The kitchen and bathroom are considered standout areas in a home. Upgrade these areas if necessary. Thatcan be as simple as upgrading appliances, new hardware on cabinets, installing a new splashback or countertops, new taps & faucets, steam cleaning tiles or regrouting where needed.

Buyers will organise a building inspection of your home and the inspector will note any issues or repairs on the report. The buyer will then request the repairs be carried out or you drop your price to compensate. To avoid this, fix any issues in and around your home that you may already be aware of (ie plumbing, electrical or structural issues).

It is important to remember to speak to your agent. They will advise you which repairs would be most beneficial. Spending a little money to improve your home will increase your chance of finding a buyer but spending too much on major improvements could be a big mistake.

Focus on features:

Your property’s features are its biggest selling point! Giving your home that special touch can
mean selling i for more than your competition.

It is important to focus on the positive features of your home. Why should someone buy it? Make a
list of these features and make sure your agent is aware of them.

No matter how good a property may be, buyers may still have negative feedback. You may hear things
like your home is too small, too big, too old or needs work. Buyers may also point out some
negative features that you never considered, so it’s important that your agent has a list of
positives to counter the negatives.

Most buyers will buy a home based on its features. They will buy a property that they love first
and one they can afford second, so focus on features.

The presentation of your home (as well as the skill of your agent) can mean the difference between
a buyer inspecting and buying your home over other similar homes. It can also mean a difference of
thousands of dollars to you.

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